Nina Hartley - Spring, Time to Plant This Flower

Nina Hartley fans, how have you been so far this spring? Is it gorgeous where you are? Things are shaping up better than I imagined on this end... I think we can see that Spring is ready to be sprung, and so am I! Once I'm done showing off my pussy in this crotchless body suit, you can see me getting off... when I sit and squirm on a man's face!

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Nina Hartley Melts Sarah Vandella With Her Hands

Sarah Vandella said she'd let me, Nina Hartley, set her up with a scenario that would make her feel better than sex. Here we have it - I called in one of my more sensual male pornstar contacts to be Sarah's bed of manhood, and then laid her back, and we touched her all over. Not everyone knows this, but women can often have really strong orgasms just from being touched, so let's see what my mature fingers can do!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Nina Hartley
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Nina Hartley - Full Body Pantyhose and Face Sitting

Nina Hartley feels rowdy and ready to get some attention for my cunt! First I have to show off this sexy black full body sock. It's like having see through pantyhose bracing my whole body, accentuating my curves. It also leaves my crotch wide open... you can decide whether that's good news or bad news for the guy I have laying on his back on my floor... it's a good thing as far as I'm concerned, because I'm about to sit on that face!

Starring: Nina Hartley
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Nina Hartley and Sarah Vandella Getting Our Mouths Fucked Wide Open!

Nina Hartley and Sarah Vandella came to suck black dick and look pretty for the cameras - are you ready to watch blondes in red, being shameless sluts for the bigger slice of meat? We both know what we like, and when we shot these? What can I say, we liked feeling those huge rods filling up our mouths. Even giving a blowjob makes a woman's pussy wet for that dick, you know...

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Nina Hartley
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Nina Hartley Having Christmas Fun Early

Nina Hartley fans, I'm all wrapped up for Christmas, but who wants to wait? So here's what we're going to do. First I'm going to shake my present to myself... I have my own visitor, and I'm going to shake her gifts until I've had all the Christmas fun I want, from her. Then, she and I are going to share another gift... a great big black cock! Just what we wanted between our mouths as we kiss!

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Nina Hartley and Nikki - Double Booty Call

Nina Hartley and Nikki didn't exactly ''need'' a man to make this photo shoot fun... but we definitely wanted him! On any other day, I could have licked her big breasts until the crew clocked out, and then taken her home for more... but we had both been thinking about big black cock when the date for this shoot came along, so I hooked us up with an interracial threesome!

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