Nina Hartley and Sexy Vanessa, All Tangled Up in Bed
Updated July 16th, 2015

Nina Hartley and Sexy Vanessa are back together, bringing you a creamy set of 88 lesbian photos! Lingerie and pantyhose were almost too much clothing for this one... Let's face it, taking your clothes off is a distraction once you're horny enough! But you can't play with a woman's big breasts quite the right way if you don't take off her bra, and you know I like the taste of a woman...

Starring: Sexy Vanessa, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 88
Nina Hartley Pegging Les Moore
Updated July 2nd, 2015

Nina Hartley fans, Les Moore just told me I can take him to my dungeon and do anything I want to him. I'm so excited, I'm ready to bite through my whip in anticipation... lucky for him, he's a good plaything and didn't keep me waiting long! I have all kinds of ideas in store for his dick, like restraining it so it rubs against my pantyhose while I fuck him in the ass!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Les Moore
Pictures: 84
Nina Hartley and Karen Fisher Sharing a Man
Updated June 4th, 2015

Nina Hartley and Karen Fisher sharing the same photo shoot can only mean one thing... sooner or later, someone's going to come along to make this a threesome! This set of 73 photos starts with the two of us making out, but we did a whole video of that already... this time, Christian XXX is here with his man meat for us to share! First he's got two pornstar mouths on his manhood, but you know our pussies weren't going to wait long...

Starring: Karen Fisher, Nina Hartley, Christian XXX
Pictures: 73
Nina, Deauxma, and Sally - The Waiting is the Hottest Part
Updated May 14th, 2015

Nina Hartley is joined by Deauxma and Sally for this captivating set of 18 photos. Most sexual freaks like to come out of their cages, but there's always a place for those who get their kicks going back in! Here comes a little tantalizing and teasing! You can see in her eyes, she wants to be touched, but we keep her at the end of our ticklers and drink up that look in her eyes!

Starring: Sally, Deauxma, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 18
Nina Hartley - Spring, Time to Plant This Flower
Updated April 16th, 2015

Nina Hartley fans, how have you been so far this spring? Is it gorgeous where you are? Things are shaping up better than I imagined on this end... I think we can see that Spring is ready to be sprung, and so am I! Once I'm done showing off my pussy in this crotchless body suit, you can see me getting off... when I sit and squirm on a man's face!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Christian XXX
Pictures: 32
Nina Hartley Melts Sarah Vandella With Her Hands
Updated January 13th, 2015

Sarah Vandella said she'd let me, Nina Hartley, set her up with a scenario that would make her feel better than sex. Here we have it - I called in one of my more sensual male pornstar contacts to be Sarah's bed of manhood, and then laid her back, and we touched her all over. Not everyone knows this, but women can often have really strong orgasms just from being touched, so let's see what my mature fingers can do!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 48