Lesson #236 - Nina Hartley and Raven Rockette Will Laugh at Your Dick
Updated May 26th, 2016

Nina Hartley has Raven Rockette under my wing in this 8 minute POV - and it's not for the faint of heart! Or maybe it is, if you can handle the pressure! I don't care what you want - this lesson is all about teaching men that they can either do what I want, and do it to my satisfaction, or else hit the road. In this video, take the POV of someone who I've allowed the chance to please me... perhaps!

Starring: Raven Rockette, Nina Hartley
Length: 08:33
Lesson #233 - Nina Hartley Needs More Cum than That!
Updated May 19th, 2016

Nina Hartley fans, if you're so horny that all you want is to be taunted and sent home, where you can figure out what to do with your sorry self... then this is exactly the video you're looking for! I'm going to command you to cum, and not only had you better pump some seed out of those balls of yours for me, but it had better be a big hot puddle and not some little squirty drip!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 05:58
Lesson #232 - Threesome with Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor
Updated May 12th, 2016

Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor are here with a welcome third helper in this 22 minute threesome! Come and get your lesson - on how hard it can be to just lay down and be pleasured! We know what we're doing... we know how to make a woman feel so good she can't handle it, and then keep going! Try not to get jealous as you watch what we do to her pussy!

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 22:23
Lesson #230 - Nina Hartley Can Be Seduced into Almost Anything
Updated May 5th, 2016

Nina Hartley fans, this anonymous visitor came asking for the best sensations her pussy could get from a mature pornstar. Something about her made me want to give her that wish. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to lay her down and have my way with her, until I was squirming every time I thought about it! So now, you get to see the result: find out what happens along with her!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 11:32
Lesson #227 - Nina Hartley Has a Toy, and You're It
Updated April 28th, 2016

Nina Hartley will let you pretend you're spending your horny days locked up in a cage in my dungeon, in this 6 minute POV fantasy. I come to you dressed down in a bra, panties, and boots, with a riding crop, and a look of expectation on my face. I cut you a deal: if you jerk off for me, I might like it. If I like it, I might let you cum on the floor for me. There might be more, but we'll see if you can handle it...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 06:05