Lesson #160- Nina Isn't Always Nice

Nina Hartley fans, you wouldn't want to be the man in this POV video... or maybe you would! I say 'man' because, strictly speaking, that's true... but that's not what it looked like when he took off his pants! Maybe I just have pornstar standards but, from my experience, a package is supposed to be something you can't fit in a little envelope! Still, I find my ways to have some fun with him...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 05:29
Lesson #159- Nina Hartley Says Lick!

Nina Hartley is back to bless you with another moment of my time, in this quick 4 minute short. I know how much you love to see me in pantyhose, but did you ever stop to think for one moment about what I like? About what I deserve? About what YOU deserve? Well, let me fill you in, sweetie. Do you like my shoes? Then we can start there. Get down on your belly and put out your tongue...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 04:33
Lesson #158- Nina Hartley Wants to See It!

Nina Hartley wants to see your cock! Come on, you know you're turned on when a woman asks to see it... and when was the last time a pornstar asked you so persistently for you to show her what you're packing? I really want to see it... don't be shy! Just because it might not be as big as a the cocks I've fucked in porn doesn't mean I won't like it... I bet it's beautiful! Come on... take out your cock for Nina!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 04:59
Lesson #157 - Nina Hartley and Alex Coal Make You Their Toy

Nina Hartley and Alex Coal want to get their kicks at your expense... but if you know your place, that's exactly what you enjoy! Women are the superior sexual side of the species, and so you should want to be involved in whatever turns us on! Well, if you happen to have a tiny dick, that might mean letting us tell you what you can and can't do with it, and when you can and can't cum!

Starring: Alex Coal, Nina Hartley
Length: 08:27
Lesson #156 - Nina Hartley Doesn't Stop

Nina Hartley fans, I've got one simple question for you... are you ready to watch me get some more dick? If so, then today's 27 minute video is all that and more... because you're about to come to bed with me in POV! It's time to put another one in the spank tank... watch this enough times, and you'll always be able to imagine what it's like fucking your favorite pornstar!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 27:10