Lesson #155 - Nina Hartley Takes Regular Beef Injections

Nina Hartley fans, I don't tell my secrets to just anyone, but if you want to know how I stay so active, I don't mind sharing that tidbit... I take injections as often as I can get them. Injections of stiff cock! I've got a tasty younger man to play with in this 19 minute scene... he's going to fuck my pussy and cum in my mouth! See everything from the seduction to the semen in this update from your favorite pornstar!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 19:26
Lesson #154 - Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor can Share

Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor are here with an hour long lesson in pure pleasure! Our bodies were crying out ... it had been too long since either of us had a good old fashioned threesome... so it's time to do what feels good! Jay looks priceless getting licked and fucked... neither of us could get enough of her pussy! You can probably imagine the look on her face after an hour like that... but we kept the camera on just in case you can't!

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 02:49
Lesson #153 - Nina Hartley Recommends Pantyhose!

Nina Hartley fans, you already know this about me, but it's my website and I can talk about whatever I want! Besides that, certainly some of you don't already know just how much I adore wearing pantyhose... or being with someone wearing pantyhose! I love everything about them from the look to the smell, the feel of wearing them, and the feel of peeling them off... or having them peeled off me!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 05:06
Lesson #152 Tying Up Nina Hartley!

Nina Hartley fans, if you've been watching me long enough, you might be wondering when the dungeon mistress will make herself vulnerable again... after all, a good leader never makes her subjects do what she herself won't do! It's finally my turn to be helpless and loving it... Jay Taylor and Alix Lovell have me all tied up and they got to tease my body as much as they want!

Starring: Willow Devine, Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 07:13
Lesson #151- Nina Hartley and Kate Frost Threesome

Nina Hartley and Kate Frost are here to bring you men a scene right from your favorite wet dreams! The ladies might enjoy it too... because the camera gets nice and close so you can see us ladies sucking a beautiful cock together, and that's just the beginning! We both need it so badly... I think I watched Kate's clit piercing stand to attention when she took her turn on top to ride that stiff meat stick!

Starring: Kate Frost, Nina Hartley
Length: 26:57