Lesson #302 - Nina Hartley Spoils Jay Taylor Some More
Updated June 16th, 2017

Nina Hartley fans, sit back and enjoy -- just like Jay Taylor, who returns to experience more of my epic hostessing skills in this 17 minute video! After the foot massage, I started warming up her pussy,.. now she's naked and ready to see what I've got for her next! One of my many men steps up to help me suck Jay's cunt, while I decide whether we're edging her or making her cum!

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 17:53
Lesson #300 - Nina Hartley Gives Jay Taylor a Seductive Massage
Updated June 14th, 2017

Nina Hartley shows Jay Taylor how guests should be treated in this 16 minute video update. Listen while she and I catch up, and watch while I give her a serious foot massage... pornstar or not, if you want to make a woman melt in her panties, get her to relax her feet and legs! By the end of this, she's not going anywhere, and she really likes letting my hands do what they will...

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 16:24
Lesson #297 - Nina Hartley Lets Jay Taylor Tickle Her
Updated June 9th, 2017

Nina Hartley fans, I'm going to let Jay Taylor lay me down and have her devious way with me... she promises I'll like it! Find out along with me in a quick video update as Jay shows me how good she's getting at sensual tickling! First her finger tips worked the back of my neck, and all over my back and ass. Then, when I wasn't sure whether I could take any more but I was very sure I liked it, she rolled me over on my back...

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 06:50
Lesson #296 - Nina Hartley Still Makes Out
Updated June 7th, 2017

Nina Hartley is here with a sexy guest who's going to sit in lingerie and pantyhose and make out with me! Buckle in... I'm sorry, I meant unbuckle and settle in! ...because even though the action here is mainly mouth to mouth, anyone who cums here for the sensuality is about to feel good! Her kisses are everything a mouth could want, and her big tits just made me want to keep her naked forever!

Starring: Amber Ivy, Nina Hartley
Length: 08:45
Lesson #294 - Nina Hartley Fucks 'em Big!
Updated June 2nd, 2017

Nina Hartley, it's time for a big dick booty call! Join me as I welcome a younger man into my bedroom, in this 29 minute hardcore scene... and try not to be jealous that a random guy just got invited to fuck a pornstar in front of you! My garter belt and pantyhose stay on, while I get on my back and get drilled and licked to my total satisfaction!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 29:18