Lesson #224 - Nina Hartley and the Man Toy
Updated March 5th, 2016

Nina Hartley fans, I'm here to teach you something you probably already know... a willing sex partner who will sit back, relax, and focus on nothing but the feelings you stroke out of them... is the best kind of sex toy there is! I could have used his dick as that other kind of sex toy, but today, my mature libido just wanted to watch my hands in rubber gloves, stroking a man by his root!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 14:11
Lesson #222 - Get the Most Out of Your Man!
Updated February 18th, 2016

Nina Hartley and Sexy Vanessa are here to show you ladies how to get the most out of your man! So you think he's a stud in the sack... but have you ever tasted his mettle after he's been stripped of that power? Put yourself in charge... or just fantasize as you watch myself and Vanessa as we have our way turning him into one of our toys in a FFM 2 on 1!

Starring: Sexy Vanessa, Nina Hartley
Length: 23:29
Lesson #220 - Experience Feels Good
Updated August 27th, 2015

Nina Hartley has Jay Taylor all tied up in ropes, up on her knees on the kitchen island, where I can molest her all I want, and so can anyone who happens along... and she's loving it! I know what I'm doing, and so does the fellow I sneaked into the scene... in fact, his hands thrill Jay so much, she decides she wants to get on her back so he can fuck her!

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 47:54
Lesson #215 - With Supervision
Updated August 13th, 2015

Payton Leigh joins me, Nina hartley, for an interracial threesome! We've got two blondes here, and a big black cock to share, meaning suck and fuck, between us! Nina Hartley fans, here comes 35 minutes of me passing on what I've learned to the next generation! I like to watch, I love making sure everybody gets off, and of course, I'm always glad when it's my turn to be fucked...

Starring: Payton Leigh, Nina Hartley, Diamond Lou
Length: 35:52
Lesson #213 - Nina's Soft Touch!
Updated July 30th, 2015

Nina Hartley is back! I've got Payton Leigh in my bed, and I'm about to give her more than she can take... of my feathery touch! Of course, nothing feels softer than a soft touch that comes right after a hard slap on the ass... just like my hand feels that much more silky on her clit, when I'm spanking her at the same time! Let's see how much I can make her feel this!

Starring: Payton Leigh, Nina Hartley
Length: 13:59