Nina Hartley - a Mature Pornstar Squirms Down Memory Lane
Updated September 14th, 2011

Nina Hartley gets all gussied up and reminisces on all the fun I've had in porn, for this series of 57 photos. I'm in red lingerie with pantyhose and a garter, remembering some of the hottest reactions you fans have had to all my photos and scenes. I remember teasing with peeks of the goods, and bending over to invite a little playtime, and I even remember occasionally begging for more!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Pictures: 57
Nina Hartley Punishing Adana for Bad Behavior!
Updated September 7th, 2011

Nina Hartley fans, we're not doing a lesson today... well, not the usual kind, anyway. Today I'm taking Adana down to the detention center, because she's been a bad girl! I've got her locked up in a cage, and I make sure she obeys my commands a while before she can even have my attention. Then I let her out of the cage, I treat her to intense bondage and sex toys!

Starring: Adana, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 112
Angela Comes Back with a Vengeance
Updated July 27th, 2011

So much for shy! Angela is back and she's brought her brand new, bad ass attitude with her! She let us take these 72 photos showing me what sorts of sexy outfits she'd started wearing to some of her scenes. Black thigh high boots and white fishnet top... yum. Red top that spills all around her strong thighs and ass, exposing those tanned big breasts... holy cow. I think I've created a monster... and I like it!

Starring: Angela
Pictures: 72
Nina Hartley and Roxanne Hall's Kinky Threesome
Updated July 27th, 2011

Roxanne Hall is all tied up, and Nina Hartley is in control! See what happens when a mature pornstar gets a tall, sexy beauty all to herself, in these 146 photos. But that's not all we have in store for this series. After the toys, and the teasing, and the bondage comes a surprise. This is a threesome, and there's a man in the studio! Why choose between pussy and dick when you don't have to!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Roxanne Hall
Pictures: 146
Nina Hartley Breaking Shy Little Angela
Updated July 27th, 2011

Nina Hartley here. A shy, curvy brunette named Angela put herself at my mercy one weekend. She had no idea what she was in for! I called a camera crew, broke out the bondage gear, and watched that delicate babe shiver. I got her all sweaty by teasing her all over her body... but I got myself pretty wet paying attention to Angela's nice big natural tits!

Starring: Angela, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 112
Nina Hartley and Lya Pink
Updated July 27th, 2011

Lya Pink and Nina Hartley are all you need to see, in this series of 101 photos. There's nothing else happening in the entire world, when Lya and I are in each others' arms. Here, we two blonde pornstars give each other the fun, soft, tactile attention we know the other wants. Lots of cuddling duing the foreplay, then lots of teasing during the pleasing! But eventually you know the games have to stop, we wouldn't do that to each other!

Starring: Lya Pink, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 101