Nina Hartley and Lya Pink
Updated July 27th, 2011

Lya Pink and Nina Hartley are all you need to see, in this series of 101 photos. There's nothing else happening in the entire world, when Lya and I are in each others' arms. Here, we two blonde pornstars give each other the fun, soft, tactile attention we know the other wants. Lots of cuddling duing the foreplay, then lots of teasing during the pleasing! But eventually you know the games have to stop, we wouldn't do that to each other!

Starring: Lya Pink, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 101
Nina Hartley and the Transparent Black Dress
Updated July 27th, 2011

Nina Hartley is back in black, but this time I'm making you use your imagination. This is a set of 41 photos with me in a black dress. I'm making you show your hand, ladies and gentlemen. You aren't getting me out of this dress without a showing me what you've got! But the dress is mostly see through, so when I turn around, I'm going to give you a view worth the effort.

Starring: Nina Hartley
Pictures: 41
Nina Hartley - Black and Red
Updated July 27th, 2011

Nina Hartley fans, you know what they say about the lady in red? Forget about it. Red might mean passion and fire, but black is consumption and lust. Black is where the real action is. Here are 52 photos of myself in black lingerie, on a red set, and horny enough to consume almost anyone I could lay my lusty fingers on. For that particular day of the shoot, my fingers had to settle for my own pussy...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Pictures: 52
Tara Lynn Foxx Eating Nina Hartley's Pussy!
Updated July 27th, 2011

Tara Lynn Foxx might not have the experience of a Nina Hartley, but this young pornstar knows her way around a pussy! Here's 52 photos with your favorite mature pornstar, and a sensual young playmate who gives amazing kisses that travel all the way down to the sweet spot. Tara Lynn gave me a taste of her own nectar, but I'll be blunt... I wasn't in a hurry to do anything but lay there and let her keep going!

Starring: Tara Lynn Foxx, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 52
Tara Lynn Foxx with Toys
Updated July 27th, 2011

Tara Lynn Foxx came to take complete control of my set and camera crew, for this series of 74 photos. I didn't mind one bit - I was able to just sit back and watch while this gorgeous blonde filled the space with her amazing sexuality. She's tall, thin, and curvy, but best of all... she's got the moves! We shot her with red and black, because she's no tease... as you'll see when the toys come out to play!

Starring: Tara Lynn Foxx
Pictures: 74
Nina Hartley Gets a Visit from Anastasia Pierce
Updated May 14th, 2011

Well, what have we here? I'm Nina Hartley, and I spy a naked Anastasia Pierce in my studio! I put on a black dress and pantyhose, and go see what she wants. Turns out, what Anastasia wants is a mature piece of ass! She lets me play with her nipples and pussy before we even get her fully naked. I wasn't going to just turn this pretty little thing out and send her packing. This gonzo photoset doesn't end until she's a puddle on my desk!

Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Nina Hartley
Pictures: 102