Lesson #77 ??" Nina Hartley Needs More

Nina Hartley is back, and my pussy is wetter than ever! Join me on the studio floor, as I bend over for good old fashioned pornstar thrill. Today's 27 minute lesson comes courtesy a fit, hung black gentleman who's more than equipped for my interracial thrill seeking needs. Mature ladies, don't ever mislead yourself into believing that anything will make you feel more young than a wild time like this!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 27:38
Lesson #76 - Nina Hartley Rides a Bone

Nina Hartley here, and if you can't tell by the look on my face, I'm very excited to be here! And I mean, really excited! My pussy has been begging for something hard and thick rising up inside me, and... Let's just say, the interracial sex I get in today's lesson is so good, we only managed an eight minute video this time! He hit it in just the right spot, and then laid back and let me suck his giant slimy bone.

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 08:52
Lesson #75 - Lya Pink and Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley fans, I've got Lya Pink bent over my lap, and grinning like a little girl. And speaking of bent over, take a look at that body! Have you ever seen that much booty padding, on a woman with such big breasts in such great muscle tone? She looks 19 in the face, but she's all woman, and she knows what she's doing - which is, letting me ravage her pussy with my hands and toys!

Starring: Lya Pink, Nina Hartley
Length: 00:50
Lesson #75 - Nina Hartley Fucks Byron Long

Nina Hartley fans, I'm here with Byron Long, and he's here to Layda Pipe! As you'll see right from the beginning, in today's hour-long Nina Hartley lesson, my pussy is wide open for the taking, and I'm ready to go! Watching this video post production, the first thing I noticed was how giddy I was at the beginning... It's not everyday mature porn star gets nearly an hour of interracial sex!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Byron Long
Length: 00:24
Lesson #73 - Audrey Lords and Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley fans, I love a sexy redhead! Audrey Lords is here in all her natural glory, for today's 58 minute Lesson. Today's lesson is basically summed up like this: redheads are awesome! She lets me spank her, put nipple clamps on her, and torture her pussy for as long as I want - good thing these videos are an hour long! Such a hot body... I just can't get over those natural tits!

Starring: Audrey Lords, Nina Hartley
Length: 57:24