Lesson #67 - Anna Mills Joins Nina Hartley

Anna Mills, she of the sensitive feet, big breasts, and bright smile, joins me, Nina Hartley, in this 50 minute play date. My fans got to play along with us, as I put Anna through the paces, and thrilled her with my endless bag of sex toys. She was a very obedient partner, so I took my time with her and gave everyone in the chat as much as we could!

Starring: Anna Mills, Nina Hartley
Length: 50:04
Lesson #66 - Sunny Lane and Nina Hartley

Sunny Lane is one of the freshest, freest, and most comfortable blonde pornstars ever to sit on my set. Nina Hartley fans, get ready for a special hour of fun as I make this sensual sex kitten my wet little play thing! I'm used to ladies who do whatever I tell them to, but have you ever seen anyone sink so deeply into orgasm after orgasm? Watch and decide for yourself, but trust me - I'm convinced!

Starring: Sunny Lane, Nina Hartley
Length: 00:15
Lesson #65 - Anna Mills and Nina Hartley

Anna Mills is here with me, Nina Hartley, for my latest lesson. Today's curriculum is pretty much, here are all the things I like to do to a sexy young lady! I've got my usual wide variety of toys to make her pussy hot, soft and juicy enough to drink from. And I adore a pornstar with nice natural tits who will lay back and do whatever I say... so you can expect this to be one of my best lessons ever!

Starring: Anna Mills, Nina Hartley
Length: 02:40
Lesson #64 - Just Nina and the Fans

Nina Hartley is alone with her fans, for today's Lesson. That's right, you had me all to yourself! Watch as I answer fan questions from the chat room, take requests on what you want me to do with my pussy, and finally, watch me cut loose with my toys! You know a mature pornstar has a lot of toys to choose from... which one did you like to watch going inside me more?

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 59:25
Lesson #63 - Vicky Vette and Nina Hartley

Vicky Vette is here for a night of sex toys, groping, teasing, and chatting with my fans, in this editoin of Nina Hartley's Lessons. When the camera gets rolling, I'm already working Vicky's pussy with one of my toys while she watches the chat room, and the fans are loving it! After she's tried out a few of my toys, Vicky bends me over her lap to tease my wet pussy. I almost couldn't take it, but I loved it!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Vicky Vette
Length: 02:01