Lesson #37 - Justine Jolie Doesn't Need Lessons

Justine Joli is back in my mature clutches, Nina Hartley fans, and it's going to be a fun hour! Today's lesson starts with a tour through some old pinups, before Justine joins me, for our pussy pleasing play date. Funny how some girls make me forget the whole lesson plan and just dive for the toys... and Justine is one of them. But she's a red head with big natural tits and the sexiest toned body... can you blame me?

Starring: Justine Joli, Nina Hartley
Length: 57:31
Lesson #36 - E-Girl Wants Nina Hartley Bad

Nina Hartley here! I'm back in my infamous studio of seduction, for another chat. In this lesson I have a special guest named E-Girl, an affectionate younger brunette. She got fresh pretty quick, wanting to kiss my neck and touch me, like she'd never seen a woman before! But I didn't mind... so things got fun, .starting right at the beginning of this hour long video. Wait until you see how willing she is when my toys come out!

Starring: E-Girl , Nina Hartley
Length: 02:01
Lesson #35 - Nina Hartley Likes Obedient Girls

Nina Hartley got an extra tasty treat, to help me teach this lesson. Her name is Jane, and she's a yummy young brunette. She does everything I instruct her to. Not too hard to go along with my demands, I should think... all I wanted to do was lick her all over, and use my toys on her! She helped, too... no harm in that! You're going to love learning all about Jane in this 55 minute chat lesson!

Starring: Jane, Nina Hartley
Length: 57:39
Lesson #34 - Nina Doesn't Always Need Instructions

Nina Hartley Lesson #67 was one of those days where I almost didn't need the laptop. I didn't need help deciding what to do for an hour... I knew exactly what I needed. I needed my toys! I needed the crew, and you fans, watching me get off. So that's what you get - about an hour where I grind my clit until I need a breather, chat a while with the fans, and then play with myself some more!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 56:07
Lesson #33 ??" Nina Hartley Still Fucks Guys

Nina Hartley fans have probably heard rumors that this lesson was coming back up again, and now you can see it's true. A pornstar never gets too old to want a nice stiff dick, and my time playing with girls hasn't changed the fact. The crowd in the live chat went wild when they saw this, and now it's up for all to enjoy: Nina Hartley getting a nice deep dick on camera, once again!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 02:23