Lesson #12 - Claire Adams Does Everything Nina Says
Updated July 27th, 2011

Claire Adams was very willing for this short Nina Hartley's Lesson back in March of 2009. She wore crotchless black panties and laid over my lap, then got on her back. All that time I was having fun with her bottom, I almost wanted to stop taking requests and just have my way with her! But you had great ideas too, like wanting to see Claire's natural big breasts up close. And, you reminded us not to forget the toys!

Starring: Claire Adams, Nina Hartley
Length: 44:49
Lesson #13 - Julie Night Cums Very Hard
Updated July 27th, 2011

Julie Night joined me, Nina Hartley, back in 2005 for this hour long January lesson. I knew I liked Julie's look, but I had no idea how much fun we were going to have. It wasn't until you fans decided Julie needed a date with my wand, that I really saw this nympho light up! She had one of the strongest orgasms a woman has ever endured in my arms. This is one of the lessons I have to call a personal favorite!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Julie Night
Length: 00:35
Lesson #14 - Nina Hartley and Justine Joli - Monkey Rocker Time
Updated July 27th, 2011

Nina Hartley here with a question: what is it about redheads that makes everyone want to skip straight to the sex? Justine Joli came back again in 2006, and I fell for it too. She was bent over my lap, with my hands on her ass, right out of the gate! This was the monkey rocker session. Once she got on it, she wore herself out pretty quickly, but we had lots of fun before that!

Starring: Justine Joli, Nina Hartley
Length: 57:33
Lesson #15 - Madison Young and Nina Hartley
Updated July 27th, 2011

Madison Young, you bad girl... Nina Hartley is going to teach you a lesson yet! But back in 2007 when Madison came for one of my internet chat lessons, Madison was too fun to teach! The way she responded to my touch, turned this 43 minute session into pure pleasure. I got her bottom all to myself and your wish was our command, so out came the switch, the wand, and more!

Starring: Madison Young, Nina Hartley
Length: 43:37
Lesson #16 - Nina Harley and Marie Luv Have Lots of Fun
Updated July 27th, 2011

Marie Luv is always fun - I'd seen her work before this lesson, from 2006, and I knew this was going to be a fun one. You fans had a lot of requests, and you didn't want to wait, so we got right down to the fun. Marie got on her back and then bent over my table, all so that I could act out your fantasies on her young ebony bottom. Then we brought out the wand and I held Marie through her orgasm!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Marie Luv
Length: 43:10