Lesson #2 - Nina Hartley and Adrianna Nicole
Updated May 14th, 2011

Nina Hartley and Adrianna Nicole - if you love me for my natural tits, then you're going to lose your mind watching this chat session! Adrianna is such a gorgeous, gorgeous girl. I was really excited when I found out she likes mature women and wanted to do a scene with me. I know you'll like it, because I loved it... this was a 37 minute session that went by way too fast!

Starring: Adrianna Nicole, Nina Hartley
Length: 37:16
Lesson #3 - Nina Hartley and Amber Lynn
Updated May 14th, 2011

Nina Hartley and Amber Lynn, sitting on a set, getting really fucking wet! I'm the luckiest woman in town for this 1 hour long chat session. Well, to you guys it might have been a chat session... to me it was a chance to play with the hot, wet playground Amber calls her body! After a while I got the toys out of the way and just had to bury my face between this beauty's legs!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn
Length: 00:54
Lesson #4 - Nina Hartley and Bree Olson
Updated May 14th, 2011

Nina Hartley has a little confession to make, fans. There are a lot of women in porn that I get around and they make me horny... but I literally cannot keep my hands and lips off of Bree Olson. Not for one minute. Well, I got her all to myself for a full hour, and the cameras rolled for every second. Making this little blonde babe cum, with that perfect skin and those big breasts right there... fans, I'd do her again any time!

Starring: Bree Olson, Nina Hartley
Length: 00:34
Lesson #5 - Nina Hartley Solo Chat Session
Updated May 14th, 2011

Hello, Nina fans. Let's have a nice, long chat about anything and everything. I've got plenty of ways to keep you entertained solo - I have my toys, and I have you fans to egg me on! So welcome back to the studio, for this recording of my live internet chat. It's another 1 hour session, so take your time and relax for the full experience as I put you under my spell.

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 02:15