Lesson #130 - Silly Behavior In The Dungeon

Nina Hartley brings a few of the girls down to the dungeon for lots of silly behavior and one serious lesson. Be careful what you wish for, submissive men, because if you tell me that your beautiful body is my play thing... I might want to share! Some serious CBT, and a fucking monster sized strap on, are just a couple of the things he's in for while he stands naked before us in highly tactile bondage...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 11:33
Lesson #129- Nina Hartley Eats Pussy

Nina Hartley fans, there are just not enough POV videos out there for us women! Have you ever wanted me to eat your pussy? You have? Well, shit, now you have me blushing - why didn't you just say so? This video will let you lay back and imagine I'm flirting with my mouth on your muff on a sunny day, with my back to a window overlooking the city.

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 05:37
Lesson #128- Nina Hartley Has Plans For Your Ass

Nina Hartley and the ladies just want to lay you back, spread your legs, and have fun! Oh, but you have to lay there and take it... understand? You remember that big red toy I keep promising you'll get fucked with someday? Well, remember that brunette you said had pretty feet? What if she puts on pantyhose and puts her foot up your ass to get you ready, and then she fucks you? Here she comes...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 12:57
Lesson #127- Nina Hartley Knows Handjobs

Nina Hartley straps on a pair of gloves and lube to give a demonstration of how to give a man a handjob in this 19 minute video. The silly excuse to take your hands off to let his skin crave more touch, the eye contact and ongoing flirtatious body language, and that one magic spot on his cock that does all the work for you... I would call it 'not rocket science,' but it is the science of making his rocket blast off...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 19:46
Lesson #126- Nina Hartley Orders Nora Nova Extra Tease

Nina Hartley and Nora Nova keep it wiggly in this quick 4 minute lesson. What am I teaching you in this one? The joys of teasing the woman who's in your lap. Imagine you're out in public with friends, and ask yourself: could you get away with everything I'm doing to Nora, in the right crowd, in public? Of course you can... and as I'll demonstrate, you'll both be having fun! Teasing a woman really gets her in the mood, that's the bottom line!

Starring: Nora Nova, Nina Hartley
Length: 04:06