Lesson #165- Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor Bring You Home to Watch a Threesome

Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor make a great team... a great tag team for a hot threesome, that is! Settle in for a nice, long, 45 minute video that's even more intimate than the usual! What do you think truly casual sex looks like when two pornstars get hot for the same man at the same time? Satisfy your imagination by letting us show you the answer down to every detail, when Jay fucks him and I suck him!

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 44:48
Lesson #164- Nina Hartley Finds Three Pussies For One Lucky Cock

Nina Hartley is joined by Alix Lovell and Jay Taylor for more than just a threesome... this is a 3 on 1 with just one lucky man being fucked by three horny pornstars! Some men know how to get what's good, and when it rains from one wet pussy, sometimes it pours from a few more! We could hardly get enough, and all he had to do was lay there and stay hard...

Starring: Willow Devine, Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 29:21
Lesson #163- Nina Hartley's Heady Challenge!

Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor are here with a delicious challenge for all you literary lovers out there! Women love to do two things in bed more than anything else... read, and get their pussies licked! In this 11 minute video, Jay's got a challenge... I'm going to eat her pussy while she tries to read us part of a book. Do you think I can make her lose her concentration?

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 11:28
Lesson #162- Nina Hartley Still Rocks Cocks

Nina Hartley fans know it's going to be a long time before I cool off... why do you think I'm still a pornstar? It's because I love getting fucked by men who are so good at laying dick into my pussy, they do it for a living! In this 35 minute video I'm getting pounded with my pantyhose still on, and then you get to see me swallow the cum in POV!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 35:31
Lesson #161- Nina and Jay in a Game of Chance and No Pants

Jay Taylor and Nina Hartley both know you never want to let sex get boring, so it's good to shake things up once in a while! In this 23 minute video, we're shaking it up with some dice and a few naughty rules... whatever you roll, is what you do! We have a great time letting random chance tell us how to make out, and yes, this game has winners!

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 23:50