Lesson #92 - Nina Hartley and Nikky

Nina Hartley and Nikky are here to teach a lesson, in this 13 minute threesome. What's the lesson? Black dick - it's what's for dinner? What can I say, not every ''lesson'' is as serious as the others... and with only 13 minutes of run time, did you expect us two mature pornstars to chat, or fuck? Nikky took a hot cumshot to her face after our pussies make him burst!

Starring: Nikky, Nina Hartley, Jovan Jordan
Length: 13:54
Lesson #91 - Lesson #189 - No Such Thing as Enough

Nina Hartley gets Sarah Vandella just what she's always wanted... dripping wet orgasms! Yeah, she may have had those before, but wait until my expert hands, and my strapping man help, take Sarah's slutty pussy to pleasure town my way. A little experience goes a long way when you want someone to quiver into a puddle in your hands... and as many times as I've seen that look on womens' faces, I'll never get bored of it!

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Nina Hartley
Length: 10:25
Lesson #90 - BBC for Her and Me

Nina Hartley and Nikky, sharing BBC, some for her and some for me! This is Lesson #187, where there's plenty to go around for every body - because four big breasts is enough for any man I've ever met, and what can I say... when I think of ''enough dick for two women,'' I think of interracial sex! After we've both been fucked and fucked again, I get to lick the creampie out of Nikky's pussy!

Starring: Nikky, Nina Hartley
Length: 20:52
Lesson #89 - Getting Caught is Hot

Nina Hartley fans, I've caught another pair of naughty visitors snooping around my sex dungeon... do you want to watch what I do to them? I have to admit, they fell right into my clutches... in fact, the redhead helped me chain up her ebony cohort, and give her sexual stimulation until she cried out for more! Get ready to see a hairy pussy drip as my fingertips and toys work her over!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 05:19
Lesson #88 - Nina Drives them Wild

Nina Hartley here with a video I think we can all cum together on! Want to see me strap a sexy redhead in an upright prone position and find every inch of her body that makes her squirm? How about if I bring a brunette to help me make this redhead cum so hard she can barely stand it? Nothing's hotter than a sexy woman who's having so many orgasms, she doesn't know if she can handle the next wave of thrill...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 11:17