Lesson #87 - Nina Hartley Loves the Lesbian Lock-Up!

Nina Hartley fans, do you want to see me having more fun than even I know what to do with? Then feast your eyes on this scene from Lily Cade's Lesbian Lock Up, where I have a threesome with one of the the sexiest, pushiest, horniest redheads in the business! Lily, Lotus Lain, and I have a little ''meeting'' behind closed doors... a meeting of the naked, soaking wet pussies!

Starring: Lotus Lain, Lily Cade, Nina Hartley
Length: 33:23
Lesson #86 - Kink, Deauxma and Me

Nina Hartley is back in front of the camera, and pleased to present this kinky session with mature pornstar Deauxma. Relax and enjoy, here comes Lesson #179! This time, we had lots of leather, plenty of toys, and many orgasms needing to be had... and the best part was there wasn't a damn thing we could do but enjoy the stimulation, because Deauxma and I took turns being tied up and tickled on the clit!

Starring: Deauxma, Nina Hartley
Length: 36:54
Lesson #85 - Nina Hartley and Mahina Zaltana - Kinky BBC Threesome

Nina Hartley here! I've had a craving for interracial cock lately, and Mahina Zaltana told me she couldn't wait to be in another scene with me... time for a threesome starring two pornstars and one big black cock! But that's not all the fun we had... aside from giving a double-blowjob and getting fucked into next week, I brought a few spanking toys, and there was much sucking of pussies and leaving of red marks...

Starring: Mahina Zaltana, Nina Hartley
Length: 27:15
Lesson #84 - Nina Loves Booty Calls

Nina Hartley fans, I've got to admit, sometimes even a pornstar gets lonely. Good thing I've got lots of friends who ''love'' me! Today's 29 minute video was one of those days when I needed company... and sex! See what can happen, when we in the industry call each other, wanting to ''swing by and see what's up'' - you know as well as I do, there's nothing like a booty call, right when you need it!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 28:59
Lesson #83 - Nina Hartley and Mahina Zaltana

Nina Hartley here, joined by Mahina Zaltana, for lesson number 173, where we learn that sometimes, having a dedicated porn studio is no substitute for a good old fashioned bed! I pull out some of my biggest, hardest toys to play with her... she loves a lot of stimulation! For a little while there, I really thought about ramming Mahina's sweet pussy hard enough to hear the headboard against the wall…

Starring: Mahina Zaltana, Nina Hartley
Length: 10:22