Lesson #89 - Getting Caught is Hot
Updated March 19th, 2014

Nina Hartley fans, I've caught another pair of naughty visitors snooping around my sex dungeon... do you want to watch what I do to them? I have to admit, they fell right into my clutches... in fact, the redhead helped me chain up her ebony cohort, and give her sexual stimulation until she cried out for more! Get ready to see a hairy pussy drip as my fingertips and toys work her over!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 05:19
Lesson #88 - Nina Drives them Wild
Updated March 5th, 2014

Nina Hartley here with a video I think we can all cum together on! Want to see me strap a sexy redhead in an upright prone position and find every inch of her body that makes her squirm? How about if I bring a brunette to help me make this redhead cum so hard she can barely stand it? Nothing's hotter than a sexy woman who's having so many orgasms, she doesn't know if she can handle the next wave of thrill...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 11:17
Lesson #87 - Nina Hartley Loves the Lesbian Lock-Up!
Updated October 21st, 2013

Nina Hartley fans, do you want to see me having more fun than even I know what to do with? Then feast your eyes on this scene from Lily Cade's Lesbian Lock Up, where I have a threesome with one of the the sexiest, pushiest, horniest redheads in the business! Lily, Lotus Lain, and I have a little ''meeting'' behind closed doors... a meeting of the naked, soaking wet pussies!

Starring: Lotus Lain, Lily Cade, Nina Hartley
Length: 33:23
Lesson #86 - Kink, Deauxma and Me
Updated May 30th, 2013

Nina Hartley is back in front of the camera, and pleased to present this kinky session with mature pornstar Deauxma. Relax and enjoy, here comes Lesson #179! This time, we had lots of leather, plenty of toys, and many orgasms needing to be had... and the best part was there wasn't a damn thing we could do but enjoy the stimulation, because Deauxma and I took turns being tied up and tickled on the clit!

Starring: Deauxma, Nina Hartley
Length: 36:54
Lesson #85 - Nina Hartley and Mahina Zaltana - Kinky BBC Threesome
Updated April 5th, 2013

Nina Hartley here! I've had a craving for interracial cock lately, and Mahina Zaltana told me she couldn't wait to be in another scene with me... time for a threesome starring two pornstars and one big black cock! But that's not all the fun we had... aside from giving a double-blowjob and getting fucked into next week, I brought a few spanking toys, and there was much sucking of pussies and leaving of red marks...

Starring: Mahina Zaltana, Nina Hartley
Length: 27:15