Lesson #84 - Nina Loves Booty Calls
Updated March 22nd, 2013

Nina Hartley fans, I've got to admit, sometimes even a pornstar gets lonely. Good thing I've got lots of friends who ''love'' me! Today's 29 minute video was one of those days when I needed company... and sex! See what can happen, when we in the industry call each other, wanting to ''swing by and see what's up'' - you know as well as I do, there's nothing like a booty call, right when you need it!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 28:59
Lesson #83 - Nina Hartley and Mahina Zaltana
Updated November 29th, 2012

Nina Hartley here, joined by Mahina Zaltana, for lesson number 173, where we learn that sometimes, having a dedicated porn studio is no substitute for a good old fashioned bed! I pull out some of my biggest, hardest toys to play with her... she loves a lot of stimulation! For a little while there, I really thought about ramming Mahina's sweet pussy hard enough to hear the headboard against the wall…

Starring: Mahina Zaltana, Nina Hartley
Length: 10:22
Lesson #82 - Nina Hartley Needs Cock
Updated November 3rd, 2012

Nina Hartley fans, before you start thinking that I only go in for pussy, it's time for this mature pornstar to get her brains fucked out! Two strapping guys are here to bend me over and show me what a pornstar is for, in this 33 minute gonzo video. It's been too long since I had a good hard 2 on 1, but my pussy will be feeling this for a while! They really went to town eating my pussy between positions, too...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 33:24
Lesson #81 - Nina Hartley and Sunny Lane
Updated September 23rd, 2012

Sunny Lane and Nina Hartley, in my studio with cameras rolling and clothes coming off! If you can't already tell, we had a blast starting from word ''go,'' in this 1-hour pornstar chat, Nina Hartley's Lesson 152. Do you dare me to kiss her? I can't hear you! Okay... but kiss her where?! After some toe nibbles, we start getting really worked up. That's when we stop playing and really um... start playing!

Starring: Sunny Lane, Nina Hartley
Length: 59:46
Lesson #80 - Nina Hartley and Vicky Vette
Updated September 16th, 2012

Nina Hartley fans, meet Vicky Vette! Usually, she's Vicky at Home, but today she's in my studio for an hour of pornstar playtime! It turns out this is going to be a fun lesson for your favorite mature pornstar, because Vicky gets between my legs almost immediately to kiss my pussy hello! Flattery and thrills will get her a lot of things, but it won't get her out of the kinky fun I have in mind!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Vicky Vette
Length: 58:05