Lesson #82 - Nina Hartley Needs Cock

Nina Hartley fans, before you start thinking that I only go in for pussy, it's time for this mature pornstar to get her brains fucked out! Two strapping guys are here to bend me over and show me what a pornstar is for, in this 33 minute gonzo video. It's been too long since I had a good hard 2 on 1, but my pussy will be feeling this for a while! They really went to town eating my pussy between positions, too...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 33:24
Lesson #81 - Nina Hartley and Sunny Lane

Sunny Lane and Nina Hartley, in my studio with cameras rolling and clothes coming off! If you can't already tell, we had a blast starting from word ''go,'' in this 1-hour pornstar chat, Nina Hartley's Lesson 152. Do you dare me to kiss her? I can't hear you! Okay... but kiss her where?! After some toe nibbles, we start getting really worked up. That's when we stop playing and really um... start playing!

Starring: Sunny Lane, Nina Hartley
Length: 59:46
Lesson #80 - Nina Hartley and Vicky Vette

Nina Hartley fans, meet Vicky Vette! Usually, she's Vicky at Home, but today she's in my studio for an hour of pornstar playtime! It turns out this is going to be a fun lesson for your favorite mature pornstar, because Vicky gets between my legs almost immediately to kiss my pussy hello! Flattery and thrills will get her a lot of things, but it won't get her out of the kinky fun I have in mind!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Vicky Vette
Length: 58:05
Lesson #79 - Nina Hartley and Jessica Jaymes

Nina Hartley welcomes you all to today's lesson, an hour of behind the scenes fun with Jessica Jaymes. Before the usual debauchery in my studio, enjoy watching us shoot an erotic bit of foreplay, which climaxes when I get to sink my tongue in this beautiful pornstar's pussy. Later, I get to see how she likes a few of my toys, while we unwind with a long and indulgent chat.

Starring: Jessica Jaymes , Nina Hartley
Length: 01:11
Lesson #78 - Nina Hartley Kicks Back

Nina Hartley fans, for today's lesson, I'm all alone! Yup, it's just you and me, alone together for an hour in Lesson 149: catching up with Nina. I just felt like updating my fans on everything going on, rubbing my pussy, and catching up on questions and thoughts. But most of all, have you noticed how much sex I've had lately? A woman has to take some downtime, even us mature porn stars, you know what I mean?

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 58:13