Lesson #47 - Nina Hartley Pleases, Instead of Punishing Mika Tan for Tardiness

Nina Hartley fans, here comes another lesson from what you could call my ''extreme series...'' a session with Mika Tan! After a few minutes alone between myself and my fans in the chat room, one of porn's most hardcore Asian lovers joins me in the studio. And then, she bends over my lap - to be spanked for tardiness! Let that be a lesson (#91, specifically) - I'm a pornstar, not a disciplinarian!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Mika Tan
Length: 40:45
Lesson #46 - Joanna and Nina

Joanna Angel joins me, Nina Hartley, for today's lesson, #90: brunettes are sexy when they cum! I started feeding Joanna wine, along with a crotch full of sex toys, pretty early in this hour long lesson, to keep the juices flowing... so that I could get drunk off the sensation of causing this sexy brunette her orgasms! Joanna didn't complain... she just made sure I could get to her naughty bits!

Starring: Joanna Angel, Nina Hartley
Length: 01:45
Lesson #45 - Nina Hartley and Catherine de Sade

Catherine de Sade, mistress of a very interesting site, joins me, Nina Hartley, for lesson 89: all women are pornstars, in our minds! Catherine is quite the deviant. She loves it rough, and degrading, and forceful... so that's how I gave it to her! My fans were very curious about the freaky things she does with her man, and I was curious what it would feel like to make her cum with my toys!

Starring: Catherine de Sade, Nina Hartley
Length: 59:52
Lesson #44 - Lesson #87 - Nina Hartley and Shayla LaVeaux

Nina Hartley and Shayla LaVeaux, sitting on a set, getting really hot and wet! Hey fans, I'm back with another of my lovely lessons, today starring Shayla LaVeaux. Shayla was a good student and did everything I told her, and more. I play with her pussy and indulge her foot fetish, and use plenty of toys on that naughty pussy... and she lays me back and gets me shaking with just her mouth and fingers!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Shayla LaVeaux
Length: 52:27
Lesson #43 - Nina Hartley Loves Anal

Nina Hartley here with Lesson 84, and it's all about my horny little holes! It's been a very happy pussy lately... I might be one of the more mature pornstars still in circulation, but lately I've had some of the best sex of my life! I lay back and chat with my fans, take a clear butt plug and wiggle it around in my ass for a while, because if there's one thing I haven't had much of lately, it's anal. Still, I'm not complaining!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 52:15