Lesson #42 - Nina Hartley Feels Good

Nina Hartley fans, do you have any idea how good it's felt, getting the kind of sex I've had lately? All the sexy men and women who've assisted in my latest lessons have made me feel almost like I'm back in my prime again, ready to fuck anyone who catches my eye. Get a load of the sparkle in my eye, for this 1 hour gonzo chat. I must admit the folks in the chat room got a little less attention than my sex toys, but I never forgot you!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 02:33
Lesson #41 - Nina Hartley and Jack Lawrence

Nina Hartley fans, you know I love playing with the girls, week in and week out. But old habits die hard... old habits like saying ''yes!'' to a gonzo session with a nice hard dick! This week's hour long lesson is all about me enjoying a nice manly drilling while my fans watch in the chat room. Thanks to Jack Lawrence for bringing a mature pornstar such a good hard pole to fuck!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Jack Lawrence
Length: 01:52
Lesson #40 - Mika Tan and Nina Hartley

Mika Tan in my lap... oh, Nina Hartley fans, you have no idea just how much I enjoyed this. That sexy young Asian submits to her mature pornstar better, in this special 39 minute lesson. I got so horny right from the beginning of this chat, that I wound up wearing the poor thing out too fast. I couldn't help it... once I got my toys on her, I just wanted to fuck her into a quivering puddle of orgasm!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Mika Tan
Length: 39:09
Lesson #39 - Bondage with Claire Adams and Nina

Claire Adams lets me show all you Nina Hartley fans what fun bondage can be, in this edition of your favorite lessons. The way Claire has herself all tied up in knots, I can roll her around, and do anything I want to her... but, the first thing I want is, her luscious pornstar mouth on my big natural tits! Eventually I set Claire free, so she can get the full Nina treatment, and grind all she wants!

Starring: Claire Adams, Nina Hartley
Length: 01:54
Lesson #38 - Nina Never Gets Tired of Justine Joli

Justine Joli is back for another taste of that mature pornstar pussy, and you get to watch! Nina Hartley here, with another hour long chat with my favorite young brunette playmate. Justine starts seducing me the second she gets on the set, and finds out pretty quickly... I was already wet, just knowing she was backstage! This session is so hot, I had to watch it on the monitors while Justine was eating my pussy!

Starring: Justine Joli, Nina Hartley
Length: 01:25