Lesson #24 - Mz Berlin is Intense

Mz Berlin is usually the bad- ass out of all the women on a set, so this set was a lot of fun. Nina Hartley fans, you don't know the meaning of ''sweet, sweet pussy'' until you've had a taste of someone like Mz Berlin. She keeps herself in very, very good shape. She's sensitive, she's playful, and she's a really good sport. I'd repeat this lesson any time she was ready to go!

Starring: Mz Berlin, Nina Hartley
Length: 59:05
Lesson #25 - Sarah Blake is Kinky and Hot

Sarah Blake is a gorgeous, thin redhead with amazing natural tits, and a little surprise. Nina Hartley fans might remember when I found out about that surprise back in 2005, in my June lesson. Sarah's got a thing for toes, and it shows! Sarah's got a thing for just about any kinky fetish you could bring into the bedroom, though, and that made this hour long video one of the best that year!

Starring: Sarah Blake, Nina Hartley
Length: 59:22
Lesson #26 - Nina Hartley and Satine Phoenix

Nina Hartley and Satine Phoenix met up back in 2007 for Lesson 31. It's hard to say who was teaching the lesson to whom, in this hour- plus chat session. Was the mature veteran pornstar teaching the younger nympho her paces? Hardly! Satine didn't buckle one bit, no matter how I went after her pussy with those toys! She didn't get tired either, and neither did her sweet little pussy!

Starring: Satine Phoenix, Nina Hartley
Length: 02:23
Lesson #27 - Shayla LaVeaux and Bondage Toys

The always- perky Shayla LaVeaux joined me, Nina Hartley, for this chat back in August of 2005. She was hamming it up right from the start. But if you really want to see her wound up, wait until her pussy is in my mouth and I'm pulling her hair! Lots of toys found their way into this lesson, including a strap on, and some nice black bondage gear around Shayla's ankles!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Shayla LaVeaux
Length: 00:31
Lesson #28 - Nina Hartley Has Many Toys

This is the March, 2007, solo session with yours truly, Nina Hartley. There was a lot of chat in this solo lesson, so I lounged in my comfy set, stroked my pussy, and told you whatever you wanted to know. But along with all the questions about my life, there was the one big question... what toys did Nina bring to the set today? Watch the hour long chat video to see!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 02:27