Lesson #29 - Nina Hartley Can't Sit Still

Nina Hartley, solo lesson, January, 2006 - enjoy one of the liveliest solo lessons I've ever given! I couldn't just sit still and answer your questions. Lightly probing my pussy with my toys was just not enough this time. I had to move around, and feel you looking at my body. I had to really feel that wand on my clit, and the fans took notice at the way it lit up my whole body!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 02:28
Lesson #30 - Nina Hartley Solo, Wet on Black with Toys

Here's the solo Nina Hartley chat everyone remembers from September of 2006 - the one with the black bed, black set, black glove, black wand, and nude pantyhose. The one where I kept teasing, and talking, and teasing, and finally just broke and had to shiver and cum for a nice, long, direct date between my toys and my clit! The one where the wet spot covered about a third of the bed by the end!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 02:29
Lesson #1 - Adrianna Nicole and Nina Hartley

Adrianna Nicole was the next young blonde I'd set in my sights this month... and I got her. Nina Hartley here with more than an hour of footage from my exclusive chatting, spanking, and kink session with this bad, bad girl! I love her big breasts, and her pussy is amazing... but the thing I really keep coming back to, again and again, is how damn spankable her ass is!

Starring: Adrianna Nicole, Nina Hartley
Length: 01:26
Lesson #2 - Nina Hartley and Adrianna Nicole

Nina Hartley and Adrianna Nicole - if you love me for my natural tits, then you're going to lose your mind watching this chat session! Adrianna is such a gorgeous, gorgeous girl. I was really excited when I found out she likes mature women and wanted to do a scene with me. I know you'll like it, because I loved it... this was a 37 minute session that went by way too fast!

Starring: Adrianna Nicole, Nina Hartley
Length: 37:16
Lesson #3 - Nina Hartley and Amber Lynn

Nina Hartley and Amber Lynn, sitting on a set, getting really fucking wet! I'm the luckiest woman in town for this 1 hour long chat session. Well, to you guys it might have been a chat session... to me it was a chance to play with the hot, wet playground Amber calls her body! After a while I got the toys out of the way and just had to bury my face between this beauty's legs!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn
Length: 00:54