Lesson #140 - Nina Knows it's Fun Both Giving and Receiving

Nina Hartley and a mystery guest have a lesson for the men in our lives... anything you can do, we can not only do better, but we can also make it look better! Or, at least, we think so! Men love to bend us women over and fuck us, strip us naked and look at us, shove their cocks down our throats and then smile while we suck our own bodily fluids off them... time to turn the tables!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 26:37
Lesson #139 - Nina Hartley Dominates Men

Nina Hartley and a sexy, special mystery guest are here to satisfy the freaky urges of our more kinky men. If you've ever wanted to fully submit to two women while they violate you in every way they know how, this 17 minute visit to my dungeon might just get you quivering. Pegging, CBT, flogging... if you're a real man, you won't be afraid to do whatever I want from you!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 17:02
Lesson #138 - Nina Laughs at Small Dicks

Nina Hartley fans, I hope you weren't too attached to that video I posted yesterday... well, I guess it's okay if you were. You see, I was just having fun... you poor men with your tiny clits... or penises, if you want to insist on calling them that. You do know that there's nothing you can do for a real woman, right? If not, I'll explain it to you, right here...

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 04:58
Lesson #137- Nina Loves Small Dicks

Nina Hartley fans, I might be in the minority here just because I'm willing to say this, but... there's absolutely nothing wrong with small and average size dicks. A woman's body likes a gentle touch, even if we're not used to it, even if we say it's boring. And sure, those big dicks might make us lose control, but we women actually like staying in control just fine, thank you very much!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 04:51
Lesson #136- Nina Hartley Likes to Watch

Nina Hartley and Jay Taylor have a fun fucking time in this 34 minute hardcore threesome! Join me while I help Jay get the most out of a man when we tie him up and break him down... it'll be a blast! So much oral sex... what's your favorite part? Seeing him tied up and teased? Laid on his back and getting his dick sucked while Jay rides his face? Seeing Jay get fucked, or taking the cumshot on her tongue?

Starring: Jay Taylor, Nina Hartley
Length: 34:13