Lesson #205 - Nina Hartley and Karen Fisher - See Me Swallow Cum!
Updated June 11th, 2015

Nina Hartley and Karen Fisher all over a dick... does that sound like your idea of a perfect threesome? If so, we have the perfect video for you! Christian XXX puts his dick between me and Karen's mouths, enticing us into letting him join our girl on girl action. We both get fucked (and we get to keep making out with each other the whole time), plus I get a hot load of cum to swallow!

Starring: Karen Fisher, Nina Hartley, Christian XXX
Length: 18:42
Lesson #203 - Nina Hartley and Karen Fisher
Updated May 28th, 2015

Nina Hartley has Karen Fisher here to bring you Lesson #203, in which good things cum to those who wait for it... Mind you, in this video we have 8 minutes of all girl time -- just me, Karen, and sex toys -- which is the fast road to erotic city, in my book! What could be coming after this, to make this situation even hotter than two pornstars making out and fingering each other?

Starring: Karen Fisher, Nina Hartley
Length: 08:38
Lesson #199 - Nina Hartley, Deauxma, and Sally in the Dungeon
Updated May 7th, 2015

Nina Hartley and Sally have plans for Deauxma, the original no limits pornstar, for a special 31 minute session... you see, Deauxma is my guest of honor this time, and she's about to submit herself to my web of delicious sensations... whatever sensations I deem fit! Sally and I both come at her with fingernails, hair, feather dusters, and more, while Deauxma is strapped into my rack, and quivering because she doesn't know what will be next!

Starring: Sally, Deauxma, Nina Hartley
Length: 31:54
Lesson #197 - Pussy Will Come Out to Play!
Updated April 23rd, 2015

Nina Hartley has a very special visitor named Sally who proves that if you wait for a pussy you like to come and get friendly with you, it'll happen - and when it does, that pussy will be ready to play like you hardly dared imagine! All the fantasies in the world couldn't have prepared me for how much I've wanted those big tits all to myself! I show her how ready I was for this by giving her plenty of attention in this 28 minute play date!

Starring: Sally, Nina Hartley
Length: 28:29
Lesson #195 - Nina Hartley is In Your Face!
Updated April 9th, 2015

Nina Hartley fans, clean me off a place to sit -- now, if you're the kind of fan who just washed his or her face, here comes the scene that pays off with me and Christian XXX thinking just like you did! Christian lays back and lets me have his mouth -- that good, strong tongue was all my pussy needed for the moment! Of course, I couldn't just take something so good, without giving back! A good turn of head, deserves another!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Christian XXX
Length: 20:50