Lesson #145 - Nina's Nose Deep in Nica Noelle
Updated July 1st, 2012

Nica Noelle is back to see what else I've got for her, in Lesson #145, which is today's hour long video chat session. We had a lot of laughs - you fans were incorrigible in the chat! All the blood rushed to my head from laughing. In fact, a lot of things had me feeling light headed that day... like having my face buried in Nica's beautiful pussy for the majority of the show!

Starring: Nica Noelle, Nina Hartley
Length: 04:11
Lesson #142 - Just You and Me
Updated June 24th, 2012

Nina Hartley fans, sometimes I get a little too carried away. I can't help it... I'm a pornstar! And I've been in this business for a hot minute, and I do mean hot. So forgive me if I constantly crave someone to share these chats with... what can I say, an hour long porn chat just seems to me like a perfect excuse to get laid! But if anyone was craving a solo chat with just Nina and my fans... this is it!

Starring: Nina Hartley
Length: 57:03
Lesson #141 - Nina Hartley Scores a Dick!
Updated June 17th, 2012

Nina Hartley fans, guess what I've got? A big, strong, and well hung man in my studio, that's what! Today's hour long Lesson should be entitled ''More dicks for Nina, please!'' My pussy still tingles every time I think about shooting this video... and I bet my fans got a kick out of watching me fuck this guy in front of the laptop for an hour! Sorry if I missed any questions or comments while my eyes were half-lidded...

Starring: Nina Hartley, Ken
Length: 00:58
Lesson #137 - Anna Mills Joins Nina Hartley
Updated June 7th, 2012

Anna Mills, she of the sensitive feet, big breasts, and bright smile, joins me, Nina Hartley, in this 50 minute play date. My fans got to play along with us, as I put Anna through the paces, and thrilled her with my endless bag of sex toys. She was a very obedient partner, so I took my time with her and gave everyone in the chat as much as we could!

Starring: Anna Mills, Nina Hartley
Length: 50:04
Lesson #134 - Nica Noelle and Nina Hartley
Updated May 20th, 2012

Nica Noelle is a hot red head who likes wine, foot massages, and making out. Talk about having lots of things in common... because getting drunk off touching this beauty, is exactly what I had in mind! Nina Hartley fans, welcome to Lesson 134, where I get my fill of Nica's willing pussy, before she lays me back and returns the favor in spades! We had so much fun, fans!

Starring: Nica Noelle, Nina Hartley
Length: 03:39